Introducing the MARKETrends Premium Suite

Discover Beauty and Brains – All In One Complete MARKETrends Premium Suite

Introducing the MARKETrends Premium Suite. With its visually stunning dashboard, agents will be able to analyze, visualize and share market statistics with nimble ease. Tightly integrated with social media, the expertise provided by agents can be shared with followers, fans and connections. To access more information about this offer click here,

The MARKETrends Premium Suite gives agents more power than ever before, by arming them with the ability to Visualize Data using Interactive Charts, In-Depth Statistical Reports and Creative Marketing Solutions. Agents will gain a deeper understanding of the markets they serve to confidently and effectively advise their clients using:

  • Highly Intuitive Dashboards
  • Interactive Charts – with instant segmentation by home type and property characteristics
  • Instant PDF Reports – ready to go for any zip code, city or county in desired MLS regions
  • See the Past With 5 Years of Historical Data – offered in quarterly and monthly increments
  • Quick and Easy Social Media Sharing to Support Marketing Efforts

For a full demo of the product click here, MARKETrends Premium Suite Demo.