Realist 1.11 Release

The latest 1.11 release focuses primarily on improvements in Realist® response time and performance, but also contains numerous usability enhancements requested by MLS organizations.
Launch performance improvement
Performance related to the initial launch of Realist is significantly improved by the latest release. We applied several methods to accomplish this result. One key is that non-essential components of Realist are now loaded in the background after the application is already launched and available to users. Another key has been utilization of local browser cache to enhance performance. We hope you and your members will reap considerable benefits from our efforts in this area.
Enhanced property selector navigation
property selector navigation Navigation buttons have been added to the top of the property selector to allow users to more easily navigate through their list of search results. Click the left arrow to see the prior property on the list; click the right arrow to see the next property. As a user clicks up and down the list, the property will also be highlighted on the list itself.
Improved modify feature
Improved modify featureThe dialog to modify report sections now remains open so that users can make multiple selections more nimbly and quickly. Simply check or uncheck each section to display or suppress. When all selections have been made, simply move the mouse off the dialog window to close and save the revised settings.
Enhanced photo support and workflow
Enhanced photo support and workflowThe number of photos supported by MLS systems has increased considerably over time. Consequently, we’ve increased the maximum number of photos available via Realist from 25 to 35. This change will be reflected for new listings captured within Realist, as evidenced through Realist’s photo viewer and photo reports.

The 1.11 release also includes improved report workflow to package photos with other Realist reports. Whereas users could only print a stand-alone photo report in the past, now they will be able to include photos with other reports by using Realist’s “Customize” workflow for printing, saving or emailing reports.

Enhanced Subdivision search dialog
Enhanced Subdivision search dialogThe subdivision search dialog has been further enhanced to automatically execute a “contains” search. As shown in the example below, searching “horse” returns all subdivisions that contain the word. Additionally, the search limit has been increased from 50 to 100 entries per search.
Added lender name search
Added lender name searchThe long awaited lender name search feature has been added. Now users can search across the Realist property database for specific lenders allowing them to narrow in their search results.
Enhanced Neighborhood Name search
Enhanced Neighborhood Name searchThis dialog has been enhanced to use the same lookup dialog as lender name, which makes it much easier to find and select neighborhood names to add to search criteria.
Enhanced preference dialog for comparables
Enhanced preference dialog for comparablesThe dialog supporting comparables search criteria has been significantly refreshed. By using drop down menus and re-organizing the sequence of options, the dialog will be more friendly and navigable.
Added active school links to PDF on neighborhood profile reports
The neighborhood profile report has been enhanced by maintaining the school linking function on reports that are emailed or saved in PDF. Clients receiving these reports will enjoy the instant ability to explore local school websites.
Added map layers, display and search fields for various customers
Throughout the year many of our customers bring special requests for their specific locale. In this latest release we were happy to add customer specific map layers, search fields and display fields to bring a new level of customization to our customers.