Realist® 1.13 Release Review

Realist® Release 1.13

The 1.13 release contains adjustments requested by MLS organizations, along with usability enhancements.  This release focuses primarily on customer specific Realist enhancements. Key new benefits in this release include:

1 | Modified email interface to improve delivery to providers with stricter email policies

The “From” field on the email dialog has been replaced with a “Reply To” field. To remain compatible with stricter email privacy policies, all emails will be sent from Realist using an internal email address, but when a recipient of the email replies, the email address entered into the “Reply To” field will be used.


2 | Added the ability to save the Realist map as an image file

There’s a new addition to the map tools that allows users to save an image of the map. By selecting the “Save Map” button a PNG file is created and can be saved to the user’s computer. Please note that users will need to allow pop ups from Realist for this feature to work properly.


3 | Added the ability to select comparables from the comparable property detail dialog

A new feature has been added under the comparables summary, property detail dialog. Users can now select/deselect comparables to be included or removed from the report by using the check box in the upper right hand corner of the dialog.


4 | Improved compatibility with Windows 8.1 64-bit using IE11 and Firefox

Previously customers had experienced challenges using Windows 8.1 and newer versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. We’ve improved compatibility with these browsers to resolve this issue.

5 | Other Notable Changes in Release 1.13

  • Upgraded utility services to resolve anti spam email issues
  • Added several fields for display, search and autopop to support ongoing customer integrations

We welcome you to view the Realist 1.13 Release Review for a quick tutorial walk through of these exciting new features.

There are also Realist changes specific to limited locales or audiences. We hope you enjoy the new features in this release.